Electronic Assembly Assembler Soldering

Electronic Assembly

We are looking for experienced electronic assemblers to join our company. Candidates will be installing electronic devices and subsystem components into electrical meters and enclosures. Will need to perform inspections. This is a very fast paced repetitive position that requires candidates to pay attention to details. Will also be installing electronic subassemby components:
This will require you reading from work orders, following of production pictures, drawings and sample assemblies, or to receive verbal instructions regarding duties to perform the assemblies. Will also assemble/position parts in specified relationship to each holding device. Will be required to crimp, screw, bolt, press fits, or perform similar operations to join or secure parts in place, will be using hand tools, power tools, and other equipment for this aspect of the position. Will also mount assembled components such as integrated circuits boards, antennas, and sticker placement in accordance with customer's specifications. Will also connect component lead wires to printed circuit boards or route and connect wires between individual components leads and other components, connectors, terminals and contact points. Will need soldering experience for a portion of the position.

Must have a High School Diploma or GED.
Must have previous electronic assembly experience
Must be able to read prints and have soldering experience.
Lift up to 30 pounds
Pay Rate - 14.00/hr
This is a 1st shift opportunity
Please email a resume or call 216-377-6833

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